“When you deny your duties towards nature then nature decides to bound you to perform them.”

“Amrutsanchay.com started with a vision to make RWH a social responsibility by creating awareness across nation through social media and other platforms. We are willing to make it “SABSE JARURI KAAM”. The reason why I have chosen this tag line for our services is we all know that there will be no life without water. “BIN PANI SAB SOONN” There will be no ecological balance, no habitats, no economy, no socialism, no civilization, no food, no crops, nothing will survive without water. With this I thought saving water is THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK but, to save it at the place where it should be saved…i.e.…. The womb of Mother Earth. It was originally started in the year 1993-94. My father was in to business of installation of irrigation systems for agricultural use and along with that he has also done some work for roof top gardening, drip irrigation for home gardens, and rain water harvesting installations in Indore and around. Before year 2000(Narmada Phase I Water Supply) Indore was regularly facing water scarcity every summer. To get rid of this we had dig a bore well in our home and got it recharged also with proper rain water harvesting system. The thought was seeded that day and it has grown up with the rising water problems in the country. I was regularly watching news and data regarding this increasing problem and was getting more inclined to do something about it. Well I got a boost with Govt initiatives and with that here is my answer to this severe problem



Hello WATER DRINKERS, Welcome to AMRUTSANCHAYE.COM. As you all know water is the most essential element of all 5 elements required for life on earth but, since past few decades we are facing water scarcity in our country and other parts of world also. The reason behind ths is uneven rainfall or less rainfall, cutting of trees in city area, construction of buildings, concrete roads, reducing forests, increasing industrialization, pollution of water bodies, excessive exploitation of ground water and diminishing water bodies over decades. These are the reasons due to which ground water had depleted at a much faster rate and contaminated as well drastically. 70% of earths surface is water but out of this only 3% is fresh water out of this 2% is in the form of glaciers which means only 1% of fresh water is available for living being on earth, And its reducing……… reducing at a very rapid rate that by 2020 more than 21 cities will run out of water as per NITI AYOG report. In June 2018 NITI AYOG THINK TANKhad published some alarming statistics warning that India is facing its worst ever water crises with some 600 million people facing acute water shortage


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