Harvesting rain...but is it really as simple as that? Find out for yourself

1What is rainwater harvesting?
It simply means catching and holding rain where it falls and using it. You can store it in tanks or you can use it to recharge groundwater. There are two types of RWH. One is where you put the water directly into ground water after proper filtration and second where you store water in underground tanks for reuse of homely water requirements.
2Does it work?
Yes. Our ancestors harvested rain just as naturally as they tilled the ground to grow crops. We lost touch with these local solutions. But now, as the taps dry up, more and more people are reviving this age-old system and practicing it very successfully.
3Can I harvest rain in my own house?
Yes you can. Structures to harvest rain require little space. A dried borewell, a row of soak pits or a tank--concealed below the ground- are all that you need. The open spaces -- rooftops and ground - can be used as your catchment (surface to catch rain).
4How much will it cost?
It varies, depending on the area of your roof and other structures that you will use to harvest rain. But rainwater harvesting does not require major construction work, so the expenses suit most of our pockets. You need someone who understands rainwater harvesting. It is simple but it still needs someone who has experience in the principles of rainwater harvesting.
5Who will it benefit?
You. Your groundwater will be recharged. But as groundwater moves, your neighborhood will gain too. So for best results, get all your neighbors to become rainwater harvesters as well.
6What will be the quality of water?
You are putting rain water into the ground, which once contaminated, cannot be cleaned easily. Please do not let water with sewage or other dirt flow into your recharge pits. This is why the rainwater must flow

through filters only

otherwise it will contaminate ground water.
7Does it require a lot of maintenance?
Once or twice a year, at very little cost. Remember rainwater harvesting means that you have to get involved and take care of this system by yourself.
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Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

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